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Rolex did an adjustment in the Oyster Date model by adding the day feature

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Fast forward to 12 years later, Rolex came up with the first dustproof, airproof, and waterproof wristwatch named the Oyster. A year after its inception, Wilsdorf went all out in advertisement by having Mercedes Gleitze, an English swimmer, wear the Oyster as she cross the English Channel. After ten hours in water, the rolex oyster perpetual maintained its perfect condition making it indisputable that Rolex was the first to produce a waterproof wristwatch.
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By 1931, Rolex unveiled another first in the world of watches he Perpetual Rotor, a self-winding mechanism. Not every brand can claim that they introduced the movement present in every modern automatic watch. In 1945, Rolex put the Oyster Date in the market. As you would have guessed, the watch displayed the date hence its name. By 1953, Rolex ventured into watches for divers which paved way to the birth of the Submariner line. Two years after, the company made it possible for patrons to check the time in various time zones through the Oyster GMT Master. In 1956, replica rolex watches did an adjustment in the Oyster Date model by adding the day feature. Voil?Oyster Day-Date! Besides precision, Rolex became known as a brand of innovation as well. Even after its founder passed away, Rolex continues to bring forth firsts when it comes to watchmaking.
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When you buy a Rolex, you are not just paying for outstanding watch mechanism made more prominent with ingenious craftsmanship. You are also getting yourself a piece of history filled with milestones that only the leading watchmaker can claim.The history of Rolex is naturally connected with its founder, Hans Wilsdorf. Wilsdorf developed his passion for watches at an early age (before he was even at his twenties). By the time he reached 24, he decided to build a firm in London which concentrated in distribution of watches. Of course being surrounded by watches, Wilsdorf eventually took a liking towards the craft of rolex yachtmaster making. He felt the need to create a new type of watch, a type that can be worn in the wrist without sacrificing the precision one expected from pocket watches that were the norm during those times. Determined to make it a reality instead of simply a vision, Wilsdorf was able to devise a wristwatch than can rival the then-popular pocket watches.

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